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Back to Bekasi.......

Written By Admin on Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012 | 21.22

Saturday and sunday will be a family day for me.
I working in Bekasi and my family live in my home town Yogyakarta, 12 hours by bus from Bekasi.
Now I working in a new smartcard manufacturing company located in South Bekasi.

Friday night, I always prepare the clothes and anything to be brought to my home town.
and Sunday afternoon I must go to bus station already.

For your information, if you are looking a bus ticket from yogyakarta to bekasi or vise versa,
the price for 1 ticket ( adult ) is depending on the class. for economy class the price is around 75 to 95 thousand rupiah ( 9 to 12 US dollars ) and for business class the price will be around 140 to 180 thousand rupiah ( 17 to 24 US dollars ).

For the safety and facilities, the business class is better than economy class.
for example in economy class there is no AC and toilet inside the bus but for business you can find it inside.
and also for economy class, many people smoking inside that will make you can't breath freely. :)
So I think better you choose the business class if you have more money.

For 1 month, I can spent around 800 thousand rupiah  for transportation,
Just for meet my family....hmmmm.

My son and my wife always waiting the weekend time to can spent the time together.
Its my life, The distance is too far, but life must go on.

Cheers....Keep on moving.

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