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Work in Batam Island.....

Batam Island....,

One of the biggest island in Riau archipelago located at the triangle SiJoRi ( Singapore Johor Riau ).
The joint trade and commercial partnership between the governments of Singapore, the state of Johor, Malaysia and the Riau Islands was in hindsight, a win-win for the last 20 years, batam is growing become one of the biggest industrial city in indonesia. Many people leave their home town and looking a job in batam island. The location of batam island where it near of singapore and malaysia make this island is growing very fast.

When you read about Batam Island, you come across terms like “investor-friendly”, “cost-competitive” and “open to international trade” all the time. One easy-to-see result of this deliberate and swift economic U-turn is that Nagoya, the main town on Batam, has become another poster child for urban sprawl in Indonesia.

Base on my experience to live there for 7 years, batam is very nice place.
I have worked at the 2 different company as process engineer on IC manufacturing.'s really a nice experience.

Just for sharing, the standard salary for engineer at batam island including the allowance is around 5 million rupiah but it is depending on the salary negotiation. Sometimes your take home pay will be higher if you have overtime. Then if you have a good experience, communication skill, and acknowledge of IC manufacturing, you have big chance to move to another semiconductor company in batam or you can also move to work in singapore. off course with higher salary. Base on information they can get 2500 to 3000 sing dollar every month as engineer in semiconductor industry. can save much money, right??

for operator level, its depending on salary standard for each city.
this year the government fixed the salary minimum standard for batam island on 1.402.000

To all of you who want to work in batam, I just wanna say good luck.
hopefully you can have a nice experience to work and live there.......


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